Heil- und Energiearbeit Energie-Rebalancing
Heil- und EnergiearbeitEnergie-Rebalancing


Energy grows within group situations. Especially difficult problems can be solved easier and quicker when there are many participants. The old saying of „STRENGTH IN NUMBERS“ is true. A group situation will expedite the solving of problems.

Each participant brings different experiences and aspects with them: for example on issues like self esteem, respect, confidence, trust, violence or problems with family or authorities.

The particular issues are differently dealt with: some participants work more superficial, more in the width and others work more on it in depth.

Everyone in the group will benefit from the healing experience. It will be „picked up“ from your system in the way it can allow it and deal with it at the moment. 

The issue doesn’t have to be named or even known. The people within the group can remain consistent, however, energy changes at each gathering and the healing process will be guided by this energy of the day.



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