Heil- und Energiearbeit Energie-Rebalancing
Heil- und EnergiearbeitEnergie-Rebalancing


The benefits from training and interacting with other healers has allowed me to develop my own method. I use the impulses and natural flow from your own body - your own energy field to heal.

As you relax on a massage table (completely dressed) I gently touch your body and receive impulses from your soul, your energy field and am guided by this throughout the treatment.


I often sing or chant in order to connect your energy field to the silence of your heart. This allows for emotional as well as physical healing.


It is not unusual for clients to experience a deep feeling of relaxation.


Note: These sessions are not a substitute for psychiatric or medical treatments.



Heidi Mangalaa



Hindenburgstr. 97

D-77830 Bühlertal








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