Heil- und Energiearbeit Energie-Rebalancing
Heil- und EnergiearbeitEnergie-Rebalancing


"Thanks again for your treatment and warm welcome. I feel much better. The depression never returned."                                  Simone, 30, Karlsruhe

"Your treatments have had so much effect on my life. I found a lot of inner peace, my health is better and fears are removed. I never felt so good in my life. Contentment and relaxation have come into my life. I get more done."                                                                                                       Gerda, 72, Achern

"At my first session (about 6 years ago) I had the feeling that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. That was the trigger for a new and more meaningful life. Many things that had been suppressed by my surroundings have come to the surface; not always nice, but very cleansing. Without this process a lot would not have been possible, I thank you from my heart for what I am today!"                                      Tom, 40, Stuttgart

"I'm surprised at how your method has worked over and over again somewhere else in the body, even though your touches were very gentle. Now I feel much lighter and refreshed. I am in harmony with my body and more relaxed."                                                                            Marie, 59, Allgäu

"I can sit upright much better now. At an early age I had a hunchback due to rickets.“                                                                        Klaus, 66, Allgäu

"I just wanted to tell you that I'm much more calm with my kids and my husband. My stabilitiy astounds me ... "                                         Sandra, 42, Winterthur/ Switzerland

"I have suffered from vertigo for sometime, which has led to significant impairments in my life.  After one treatment the vertigo has completely gone and I feel much lighter and liberated. After a year some dizziness came back for long intervals. I had two further treatments within the past 2 years and I feel much better again." Sigrid, 83, Allgäu

"I have finally cleared out my home and office; cleaned up the mess."                                      Susanne, 38, Bavaria and many other

"The best treatment I've ever had."                                                           Brigitte, 45, Allgäu                                    

"I feel steadier. I am not so hard on myself anymore for my own faults."                                                                                  Gisela, 59, Munich

"Your treatment is priceless"                                                                          Markus, 40, and many other

"I have more positive thoughts and feelings. Since the last treatment (the first treatment with you), I do not take any painkillers and I sleep better. Due to a serious industrial accident I have had a year of severe pain in my shoulder and could not get along without strong painkillers and had insomnia."                                                                                        Siegfried, 63, Black Forest 

"My daughter, sister, brother, brother-in-law and partner have become much more open and positive."                                                                   Monika, Gerlinde and many others

"Mount Everest dropped off my shoulders"                                    Brigitte, 24, Renchen

"You've worked on my left knee without me saying anything to you. ... In the summer I twisted my knee when landing after paragliding. I immediately felt that this was not good at all. Since your treatmen at the end of November, my knee is now back to normal, thank you, I still can’t believe it."                                                                     "It was as if healing during your treatment was completed and thereby another door opened!"                                                 Sonja, 33, Allgäu

„A lot has changed in my life in a very positive way. My relationship with my husband is more balanced for the first time in our 25 year marriage. Before it always felt as if my husband had already partly left the marriage. He now takes better care of our daughter.“            Sophia 49, Ottersweier

„I wanted to say that the treatment you gave my fractured arm while you were staying with us has worked wonders for the range of movement I am getting. I have been to rock’n roll several times now and found dancing to be not a problem”. You did such a wonderful job on my arm, I have had no problems at all and it’s still as mobile as when you gave me healing last year."                                              Angela, 54, Newton Abbot, South West England



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